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Lifespan Faith Development for Adults

Unitarian Universalist religious education philosophy starts with the premise that we are all are lifelong learners. Each of us has an intrinsic need to stimulate our minds, energize our bodies and enliven our spirits. Each of us needs opportunities for personal growth and experiences that help us to live a more informed and productive life. Our education is holistic and transformational. We look at the whole person and offer classes, workshops and retreats that help each individual grow into his or her fullness. Together we develop spiritual practices. We study the world's religions to find the universal truth that unites them all. We meditate. We pray. We learn how to care for each other. And we explore this wonderful Unitarian Universalist faith and why people through history have dedicated their lives to its life-affirming principles.


Blessed are those who speak their minds in meetings, who can take and give criticism; who keep alive their sense of humor.

- Rev. John Buehrens (former president of UUA)