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In the elementary years they learn stories and participate in activities that are based on the theme of the month with which the entire church engages. This whole church, theme based ministry allows children and their families to explore topics together. Our elementary classroom will be full of opportunities for children to get to know each other, grapple with age-appropriate issues, and participate in activities that support the exploration of the theme of the month. Children will also learn stories of the remarkable people that made a difference in the world and will be given opportunities to do likewise through acts of service and social justice. All classes will lift up how we are different and what we share in common.

In middle school, children will participate in the Lodestone curriculum which will present questions and discussions around money, death, race and Unitarian Universalism. Classes will be full of discussion and activities. Children will benefit from exploring such core issues with peers in a respectful and meaningful way. There are the youth retreats throughout the year with youth from other churches. There is the human sexuality program where youth learn how to make good choices for their health and happiness. And then as an 8th grader youth spend a special rite of passage year going on retreats and having an adult mentor from the church who helps him/her with the process of their coming of age. And then we have a big celebration at the end. There are also the monthly fun nights going bowling or playing games in the park with friends.

If you have (or are!) a youth in High School, please contact Susie Idzik, Interim Director of Religious Education to find out what is happening in our high school program.

Of course there is much more to the spiritual journey of a child through or faith community that happens through the course of a child’s growing years. But as religious educator Maria Harris says: “The church doesn’t have a religious education program. It is the religious education program.” This is what we offer children and their families: a religious community that partners with them through all that life offers.

Blessed are those who bring their children; who invite their friends to come along, to join in fellowship, service, learning, and growth

- Rev. John Buehrens (former president of UUA)