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Coming of Age

For grades 8 through 10 (offered in alternate years)

Coming of Age is a rite of passage program for Unitarian Universalist Youth.

The mission of our program is to provide experiences for our youth that will help them integrate their childhood into their emerging adulthood with a clear sense of themselves and their place in the church and in the world.

The program is designed to help our young people:

  • Explore their spirituality.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of Unitarian Universalism.
  • Continue the lifelong process of values clarification.
  • Recognize and accept responsibility for the consequences of their decisions.
  • Explore their options for service, both to the church and to the community.
  • Deepen their relationships with each other and with adults in the church.
  • Come to a positive understanding of their capabilities.
  • Test themselves against their own preconceived limits.

Each youth participating in the program will have a mentor (an adult member from the congregation) who will serve as an important companion throughout the year.

The mentor will join their "mentee" in an open and supportive relationship in which fellowship, honesty and fun are central.

The Coming of Age Task Force will help each participant choose a mentor that is right for him or her. In addition to each participant's local congregational involvement, there will be a series of three retreats during the year in which we will join with other Unitarian Universalist Coming of Age youth from around the Bay Area.

The retreats will give youth the opportunity to do some fun and challenging activities like a Ropes Course and a Nature Vigil. At the culmination of the Coming of Age Program there is a special Coming of Age Sunday in which youth share with the congregation their belief statement which they have been working on throughout the program. That evening all the youth from the participating congregations come together for a dinner to celebrate the completion of the program.

Coming of Age is an opportunity for youth to: challenge themselves both physically and spiritually; develop meaningful relationships with other youth and adults; gain a greater understanding of Unitarian Universalism and what it means to them and; to have lots of fun enjoying the many gifts life presents to us.

Learn about the Unitarian Universalist Pacific Central District's Biennial Coming Of Age Retreat Program for Youth Entering Grades 8-10

If you would like additional information, please contact:
Interim Director of Religious Education
Susie Idzik
408-292-3858 ext. 25

Blessed are those who yearn for deepening more than escape; who are not afraid to grow in spirit.

-Rev. John Buehrens (former president of UUA)