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Support for Leaders

Leaders cannot lead without support.  We support our leaders with various resources:

  1. Session Content.  Content for sessions on varied topics is offered.  Each session's content includes preparation, order of worship, and leader notes.  In addition, short rituals have been developed to acknowledge the milestones of the group, and life events of members of the group.
  2. SGM Council.  The Council's role is to oversee the whole program.   The responsibilities have been divided into leadership, membership, and content.  Leadership ensures  that leaders are recruited, trained and supported.  Membership is responsible for smooth growth of groups.  Content writes the session content.
  3. SGM Library.  This is a work in progress. The library is located in the bookcase next to the copy room contains folders with the latest sessions, an archive of all published sessions, and books on the small groups and their impact on churches.
  4. Web Resources.  A Yahoo group mailing list provides easy communication and access to all content files. The content for all sessions is stored at: http://www.sanjoseuu.org/sgm_content.

    Need a Yahoo Id? Read a tutorial on setting up a yahoo id.
  5. SGM Leader Gatherings.  These Gatherings provide a chance to refuel, reconnect, and re-energize. Leaders worship together, share experiences, learn what is happening in the church, and learn leadership and ministry skills. Leader gatherings contain three components: worship, presentation,and breakout groups.

See also: Leadership  from the Frequently Asked Questions




“…no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”

- Charles Dudley Warner