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Growth is an important part of our Small Group Ministry.  Each group keeps a symbolic "open chair" to remind them of the need to make space for new members. New groups are formed periodically. We ask that new members make at least a six-month commitment to a group. 

If you are interested in joining, send us your information so you will be on our list when groups are ready to add members.  Choose the days of the week that would be most convenient for you to meet. (Note that groups meet during the first and third week of each month.)  Most groups are open/mixed in terms of the types of members they accept. A few are affinity groups; for example, some have members who are in a certain age group (e.g. young adults) or life situation (singles or young parents). Let us know if you are interested in an affinity group, but also indicate whether you would accept membership in a mixed group if an affinity group is not available.

Either click here to download an interest form and email it to the SGM Council or fill out the form below and click submit

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