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Congregation on church stepsCommunity in our Congregation and Beyond

We invite you to explore community within our congregation and in the wider world. Here you will find information about:

  • Opportunities to get involved our church community
  • Our congregation's involvement in the wider community of Santa Clara County
  • The larger Unitarian Universalist community in the state, the West, and in the world

I light the chalice to symbolize acceptance of one another and our welcoming of diversity.

Along with the diversity of our inherited human characteristics, we have diversity of religious belief and practice.

We have
meditators seeking inner peace,
social-activist agitators crying out for justice,
upholders of liturgical traditions,
rational-humanist cogitators,
celebrators of pagan ritual,
philosophically-committed ethicists,
and providers of humanitarian service to those in need.

And we have those persons who embody all of these at once.

We come together in community and friendship to seek meaning in our lives.

This light is not just in the chalice, but lights up our entire congregation.

-- Ruth Ramsey