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Pilgrimage 2011 - Hungary and Romania!

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The Partner Church Committee is planning our return visit to Hungary and Romania in 2011. Members and friends of the First Unitarian Church of San Jose are invited. All travelers must be high school age or above. Travelers must be mature enough to independently act responsibly, as there will be no adult supervision at times. We will visit Budapest (Hungary), Kolozsvar (Romania) and our partner church in the village of Homoródszentmárton (Romania). This trip will bring you to the birth place of Unitarianism where we will explore our history from the middle ages through modern times. You will work with our hosts on several service projects for our partner church.

To keep the trip from becoming too large, we will run two trips. Both trips will have youth activities. The first trip will have added activities tailored towards adults and run from July 14 through July 29 with an extra day in Budapest. The second trip will be youth oriented from July 21 to Aug 4. Both trips will overlap one night in our partner church village. Trip #2 is now full and has a wait list. Trip #1 has many openings.

The estimated cost of the trip is $2600 (includes airfare). Scholarship help will be available. Meals in Budapest and Kolosvar will not be covered.

For information contact: Monty Low, low.monty@gmail.com


            Trip #1
14-Jul   Thur     Leave in the afternoon
15-Jul   Fri       Arrive in Budapest
16-Jul   Sat.     Tour  Budapest
17-Jul   Sun     Tour  Budapest
18-Jul   Mon    Travel to Kolozsvar
19-Jul   Tues    Tour Kolozsvar
20-Jul   Wed    Travel to Homoródszentmárton
21-Jul   Thur     Service Project + free time
22-Jul   Fri       Service Project + free time
23-Jul   Sat.     Service Project + free time
24-Jul   Sun.    Church service, sightseeing
25-Jul   Mon    Sightseeing
26-Jul   Tue     Service Project + free time
27-Jul   Wed    Travel to Budapest
28-Jul   Thur     Final day Budapest
29-Jul   Fri        Fly home

            Trip #2
21-Jul   Thur     Leave in the afternoon
22-Jul   Fri       Arrive in Budapest
23-Jul   Sat.     Tour  Budapest
24-Jul   Sun.    Travel to Kolozsvar
25-Jul   Mon    Tour Kolozsvar
26-Jul   Tue     Travel to Homoródszentmárton
27-Jul   Wed    Service Project + free time
28-Jul   Thur     Service Project + free time
29-Jul   Fri       Service Project + free time
30-Jul   Sat      Sightseeing
31-Jul   Sun     Church service, sightseeing
 1-Aug  Mon     Service Project + free time
 2-Aug  Tues    Travel to Budapest
 3-Aug  Wed    Final day Budapest
 4-Aug  Thur     Fly home

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