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A Message from Reverend Krizbai Béla

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June, 2000
From the Reverend Krizbai Béla , minister 1995-2002 (Note to Readers: Most names in this article are presented in the Hungarian manner, with the family name presented before the first name.)

"Where traditions and legends are passed on by word of mouth, people remember and know history. Where there is no writing, there is memory." --Kiszely István , historian

Thanks to the self-sacrificing work carried out by Dr. Judit Gellérd - daughter of Gellérd Imre, former minister in Homoródszentmárton - we have been receiving financial support from our American sister church - the First Unitarian Church of San Jose. Owing to them we now have farming machinery and a conference center that seats 35 people. Because of the precarious economic situation the farming machinery is difficult to maintain, but the main thing is that we give help to the inhabitants - especially the old people in the village. With the help of the First Unitarian Church of San Jose and other American congregations and people minister Kászoni József bought a building between 1990 - 95 and furnished it , creating the International Dávid Ferenc Youth and Conference Center. Between 1995 - 2000 we provided the building with central heating , enlarged the water supplies and modernized the cooking facilities , the bathrooms , the dining room and the conference room. Our center is included in village - tourism programs and is well-known by American and British Unitarians. Our congregation plays a key role in promoting partnerships with American and British Unitarian Universalists since each group of visitors-no matter where they came from - spends some time in Homoródszentmárton, in the Dávid Ferenc Youth Center. In 1993 it was here that we organized the first camp for children living in regions where Hungarians are in minority and this has grown into a tradition now. Each year we have training courses for Dávid Ferenc Youth Group leaders, for the National Association of Unitarian Women and for Unitarian ministers. The foundation called 'For Art in the Homoród Region' has organized its art camps here since 1993. Owing to this our church now has a small collection of paintings.

In the last three years we had other great achievements. An office and a guest-room have been added to the parish hall and in 1999 we had our church building and steeple fixed up. This year we had our seventy year old organ repaired.

History of the UU Church of Homoródszentmárton

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