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Volunteer and Leadership Development Committee

Our Volunteer and Leadership Development Team contacts every newcomer explaining how we can help them best plug into fulfilling church activities. We email them a questionnaire, and follow through with a 30-minute, face-to-face interview. We evaluate their interests together and offer suggestions as to how they might best get involved. As members express interests in activities, we coordinate their involvement with appropriate heads of committees.

We also contact active members, to inform them about volunteer opportunities we believe would interest them. We continuously query committee heads to determine their needs for volunteers.

We provide descriptions for volunteer activities which define the nature of the work, qualifications. training provided, time commitment, etc.

We regularly recruit volunteers with phone calls, ads in the newsletter and with special handouts. We organize ceremonies to recognize serving and retiring volunteers.

"It may seem hard to think of pizza making and car parking as ministries.

But ministry is, I believe, the work and service a church offers to its members and to the world…

[S]eeing every function of the church as a ministry empowers the people in tremendous ways."

- Barbara Wells