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Church members and friends gather the first weekend in October for a weekend retreat. Although there is a program of activities and workshops, it can also be a time to just enjoy gathering with friends.



Come down off the ladder.
Wash out that paintbrush.
Shake the sand out of your shoes.
Get up off your muddy knees,
and give the garden a morning off.
Fold up the newspaper.
Turn off the coffeepot.
Close up your calendar,
already filled with dates,
and times,
and people,
and places that claim you.
This Sabbath is ready for you
to create its spirit, to generate its warmth,
to kindle its light.
This Sabbath is ready for you to make community,
to create beauty, to bend it toward justice,
to serve its ideals.
This church is ready for you to be here,
honoring our past,
invigorating our present,
and dreaming our future.
This is your church.
Here we are home.
Here we are whole.
Let us begin.

- David S. Blanchard