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campersAll Church Campout:

This is held in late July for several days at a private campground near Uvas Canyon State Park. Open to anyone in the church, the campout offers good food, a cool creek, and a laid-back attitude, making it popular with families and individuals of all ages.


This is the easiest possible introduction to camping. All food is provided, so all you need to bring is your tent, sleeping bag and flashlight.


Watch for sign-up announcements in late May and June.



Welcome to a new way to cope with the demands
of life.

Welcome to a way that requires no difficult skills, adds no new burdens, and accommodates all
spiritual systems and lifestyles.

Welcome to those who want to do nothing—more often, more creatively, with joy, and without guilt.

Welcome to simplicity.

Welcome to serenity—tranquility, calmness, and clarity—every day.

- David Kundtz, Everyday Serenity