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FUCSJ Mission Statement
(adopted by the Board of Directors February 2, 2011)

Bound together by our commitment to making Love visible, we gather to deepen our spirits, to work for justice, and to create one sacred family.

Vision 2020
(approved by the Congregation on March 20, 2016)

In 2020 at First Unitarian Church of San José
—we see—

  • Within
    • Worship, classes, and activities that deepen personal spiritual development and encourage the expression of one’s faith in the world

    • Congregation-wide participation in activities that promote multicultural, anti-racist, anti-oppressive competencies, including deep listening, compassionate communication, and understanding of systems of oppression

    • Experiences in worship services, in church events, and through visual displays that deepen one’s awareness of multiple faiths and practices

  • Among
    • A robust membership support system that engages everyone from first-time visitors to long-time members and friends through programs that include social events and celebrations, diverse support groups, and service to the congregation and to the community

    • Children, youth, and young adults at the center of congregational life through classes, projects, worship, and intergenerational experiences

    • Our facilities structurally sound and updated to support our ministries

  • Beyond
    • Coalitions and alliances with interfaith, Unitarian Universalist, and secular organizations working for racial justice, environmental justice, and economic justice

We are Unitarians, so what do we celebrate?
We celebrate the faithful way of love, freedom and truth.
We celebrate the message of tolerance and equality.
We celebrate all missions to unite faiths, cultures and peoples in the face of division and exclusion.

- Sebastian Steed