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The Complete Wedding Experience

Our complete wedding experience begins in the sanctuary. Rows of wooden seats, their antique patina glowing in the light from dozens of floral stained-glass windows, are arranged in a semicircle on both the main floor and the mezzanine. They face an inspiring stained-glass panel that flanks the graceful, triple-arched chancel. Etched right into the carpet below is a large labyrinth, adding a note of contemplation to the spirituality of the surroundings. A Steinway Baby Grand or the Galanti Organ is available for your service.

The church is also perfect for your reception, either in the parlor-style Fireside Room, which features an upright piano, wainscoted walls and a fire place or the adjacent Hattie Porter Hall with spacious, high ceilings, turn of the century chandeliers that are on dimmers to create a romantic atmosphere, dark wood floors, and the ambient light from stained-glass windows. Our original century-old Douglas Fir floor milled from ancient trees in Oregon serves to remind us of the long history of this magnificent place.

As an added bonus, before and after the ceremony, members of the wedding party can retreat to the upstairs lounge to change clothes or to just relax.

The Complete Wedding Experience Package includes:

  • Two hours of pre-planning and eight hours for rehearsal, decorating, the event and cleanup.
  • Your choice of rectangular tables for 135 guests or round tables for 88 guests.
  • Use of two kitchens to warm and assemble prepared food with access to an elevator to bring items from the main kitchen to the reception hall
  • Use of the upstairs lounge.
  • Use of the Fireside Room for cocktails or for use as a buffet.
  • Validated parking in the Third and Fourth Street Garages.

A part of this text was used by permission from Here Comes The Guide.

When I sit in the circular shaped sanctuary surrounded by the beautiful stained glass         windows and the symbols of the major religions, I reaffirm my belief that all are welcome in this gorgeous place
--Christy Baker

Sometimes in the afternoon, I go into the sanctuary and bask in the light coming from the stained glass windows.  I often think about the long history of this beautiful building.
--Sue Evanicky