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Disks representing the sources.

These disks were designed specifically to hang in our sanctuary by artists Lisa Benham and Bonnie Kayser.

Direct experience disk

Direct experience

Interpretation of this experience for each of us originates from such a deep, personal space that it remains beyond symbol.

Words and deeds of prophetic women and men disk

Words and deeds of prophetic women and men

These joined human hands — composing a unity of strength, wisdom and compassion — are a symbol of the moving courage and depth of character that is a source of these prophetic words and deeds.


Wisdom from the world's religions  disk

Wisdom from the world's religions

This is an important sampling of the world's religions from which we draw inspiration.
(Clockwise, starting upper left)
The Lotus — A prevalent symbol of purity for both Buddhism and Hinduism which represents the state of enlightenment and the doctrine of Buddhism.
Unity of the Yin and Yang — The opposite forces of yin and yang are inter-dependent and contain the seed or potential of one another. Yin is associated with darkness, water, and the feminine; and yang with light, activity, air, and the masculine.
OM — A symbol of Inclusive Spirituality, - OM, or AUM, is the most sacred sound for Hindus. It represents the first sound of creation.
The Hilal, or Crescent Moon and Morning Star (Venus) — This has become an accepted symbol of Islam, suggesting of the lunar calendar, which orders religious life.

Jewish and Christian teaching disk

Jewish and Christian teaching

The cross is the universally recognizable symbol of Christianity. When offset, it is also the symbol for Universalism. The Jewish menorah was chosen for its connotations of light, hope, and thanksgiving.


Humanist teachings  disk

Humanist teachings

This human hand represents that of the 17th-century astronomer and mathemetician Copernicus measuring his revolutionary concept of our solar system — the idea that the sun rather than the Earth is at the center of the solar system.

Spiritual teachings of Earth-centered traditions disk

Spiritual teachings of Earth-centered traditions

This image represents systems of natural change, each an eternal circle. The lunar cycle is a tool for time-telling and a physical force that influences life on E arth. It pulls the tides of the great oceans, affects human moods, and some believe, influences the time of birth. The oak tree's annual cycle is an homage to the seasons, to life spans, to a food staple of California's indigenous people and to the health of change.


The times we live in demand something of us. In fact, I believe they demand more from us than many of us ever expected.

I believe that in rising to the occasion of what is asked of us now, we will discover a depth of strength and a richness of love and courage that we did not know we could achieve. I believe that in rising to the challenge of our times we will wade into the mystery of life to a depth we did not know was [possible]….

More is asked of us than we could have imagined. The beauty of life is such that it will not let us go until we have offered the blessing we have to give. So let the beauty we have seen become the good that we do, and let us, … in faith with all those who have gone before us, place ourselves among those who bless the world.

- Rebecca Parker