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Our Church Governance

About Policy Governance

In 2007 FUCSJ adopted the Policy-based governance model, which separated governing decisions into "ends" and "means." Ends relate to the difference we intend to make in people’s lives. Means, on the other hand, include practices, methods, conduct, and other activities done as we try to achieve the ends. The Board decides the ends based on the congregation's values and vision. The Program and Operations Council is charged with the means: the on-going operations of the Church that implement the ends. The Board tells the POC what means are not acceptable. That is, the Board does not tell the POC how to do its job, but what limits must be observed as the POC determines the best way to get the job done. These limits on means primarily relate to our mission and vision, as well as what the Board feels would be an improper use of people or assets. The Board does not exist to look over everyone's shoulders about small management issues. Instead, the church Board's first and most compelling challenge is to pull together an unbiased aggregate of congregational ideas, intentions, and aspirations.  So what does this mean for creating a budget?

The Finance Committee and the entire Program and Operations Council puts together the budget, basing their allocation decisions on the priorities in the ends as defined by the board. This decision process is described in the budget rationale. The budget and the budget rationale are sent to the Board. The Board meets to evaluate whether the POC has met their obligations to act within the limitations spelled out by the Board. The Board must either approve the budget or send it back to the POC.  After going over the budget and the budget rationale to determine that the POC has created a budget aligned to our ends that works within the limitations of fiscal responsibility, the Board votes to approve the budget. The congregation must approve the budget before it takes effect.


Bylaws adopted 2013


Governance Process (pdf)

Ends (pdf)

Limitations (pdf)

Linkage (pdf)

Recent Policy Changes - Coming

If religious communities…can provide a leadership laboratory where individuals can learn leadership skills,
where individuals can develop confidence
in their visions and their abilities,
and where individuals can become more spiritually mature, then we can make a significant contribution
to the well-being of the larger community.

- The Reverend David L. Herndon