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All Are Welcome!
We are …
bullet An open and loving multicultural community
Seekers of all ages, encouraging questions and growing into the answers
Inspired by many sources of wisdom
Dedicated to becoming agents of compassion, social justice, healing, and joy.

¡Todos son Bienvenidos!
Somos …
Una comunidad multicultural abierta y amorosa
Buscadores de todas edades que estimulamos el planteamiento de preguntas, buscando entender las respuestas
Inspirados por muchas fuentes de sabiduría
Dedicados a convertirnos en agentes de la compasión, la justicia social, la sanidad y el gozo.

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Children's Program

Venga Este Domingo
Servicio en Espanol y Inglés

10:15 am

Todos los domingos – Every Sunday

Alabanza: Media Hora de Reunión del Pequeño Grupo del Ministerio Multicultural

Venga a unirse a nosotros para este servicio simple de oración-meditación de media hora (sin sermón) a las 10:15 horas en una mezcla de inglés y español en la sala Fireside Ramsden. Accesible e incluyente para todos, este servicio ofrece tiempo para cantar, meditar y reflexionar en un pequeño grupo en preparación para el servicio de las 11: 00.

Alabanza: Half-hour Multicultural Small Group Ministry Gathering

Come join us for this simple half-hour prayer-meditation service (without sermon) at 10:15 a.m. in a mixture of English and Spanish in the Ramsden Fireside Room. Accessible and welcoming to all, this service provides time to sing, meditate, and reflect in a small group in preparation for the service at 11:00.

Join Us Sunday Morning, 11 am!

Service in English / Servicio in Inglés

April theme: Being a Body

Thema de abril: Ser un Cuerpo

April 13 — 13 de abril

Earth Day: Beauty, Abundance and Sustainability

Earth Day is officially celebrated on Tuesday, April 22 but we take this time to reflect on the Earth that is all around and within us. We are the Earth. Its waters course through our veins. Its oxygen fills our lungs. Its food nourishes our bodies. We will meditate on its beauty. We will speak up for its healing. We will reflect on what we can do at home and at the state house to promote sustainability and justice. After the service all are invited to enter into our social hall to participate in our Earth Day Fair and connect with the eight community environmental organizations hosting tables. Let us find the ways we can embody our principles and commitment for the future of our planet and all its life.
Worship Leader: the Rev. Geoff Rimositis Worship Associate: Bev Clifford

Día de la Tierra: Abundancia y Sustentabilidad

Los El Día de la tierra es celebrado oficialmente el martes, 22 de abril pero tomamos este tiempo para reflexionar sobre la Tierra que está alrededor y dentro de nosotros. Nosotros somos la tierra. Sus aguas corren a través de nuestras venas. Su oxígeno llena nuestros pulmones. Su alimento nutre nuestros cuerpos. Nos hará meditar sobre su belleza. Hablaremos para su curación. Reflexionaremos sobre lo que podemos hacer en casa y en la casa de gobierno para promover la sustentabilidad y la justicia. Después del servicio, todos están invitados a entrar en nuestro salón social para participar en la Feria del Día de Tierra y conectar con las ocho mesas de organizaciones comunitarias medioambientales. Vamos a encontrar las maneras en que podemos encarnar nuestros principios y compromiso para el futuro de nuestro planeta y toda su vida.
Dirige: el Rev. Geoff Rimositis
Asociada de Culto: Bev Clifford

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Children & Youth Spiritual Growth & Learning Programs

UU ParentsMeetup Group – http://www.meetup.com/UUParents
UU Parents Facebook –

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April 13, 2014

Nursery (birth - 3 years)

Our paid staff provide a loving presence and engage children in games, stories and crafts with seasonal and holiday themes.

3-5 Year Olds: The Spiritually Growing Child
In today’s story a grandfather and his young grandson discover some words posted on a wall: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The Golden Rule. It can be found in all the world’s religions and in every culture. It’s easy to say and to remember, but what does it really mean? And how can you live by it? The universal story captures the importance and rewards of a rule that is simple yet not always easy to follow.
Goal: To be familiar with one of the most universal concepts in religion.

1st – 4th Grades:My Choices
Our children often place the responsibility of their happiness and fulfillment on their friends, teachers and most often, on their parents. In this lesson, they'll learn that long-lasting fulfillment and happiness are a result of choices they make for themselves.

Earth Day
The Junior High Class will be setting up their table at the Earth Day Fair.  They will be asking people to take a water pledge and they will be distributing information about water conversation.  They also have a limited number of low flow shower heads to give out and other Earth Day gifts.

The senior high youth group meets from 11:30-12:30 after attending the first part of the 11 a.m. service.  The group offers its members a safe place to share their lives and find support and friendship among open minded and loving peers.  The group engages in discussions about issues relevant to youth’s lives and communities.


2013 -2014

Children and Youth Program

Children and youth in Preschool (3 years) through High School join the community for the first part of worship at 11 am and then go to their respective classes until 12:30.

Nursery: Birth - four years

Location: Nursery, Church’s Lower Level

Childcare Staff: Giovanna Fernandez and Sandra Sotelo
We provide a safe, clean environment in which to support each child in initiating play activities at the developmental level they manifest. Each week our paid staff, Giovanna Fernandez and Kimberly Fernandez, provides a loving presence as they engage children in games, stories and crafts with seasonal and holiday themes throughout the year.

Three- to five-year-olds: Picture Book World Religions

This curriculum is based on the philosophy that young children learn about religion through relationships. What is a person? Who am I? How am I related to others? What are my responsibilities? What kind of world do I live in? These are religious questions that children begin to answer as they become acquainted with themselves, other people, and their environment; all responses are mediated by the significant adults in their lives. Each week the children look and listen to an engaging picture book that reflects the week’s central theme with accompanying activities. Themes from September –June include: Individuality, Earth Day, Cycles of Life, Harvest, Thanksgving, Christmas, Hannukah, Winter Solstice, Family, Golden Rule, etc.

Grades 1-4: Signs of Our Faith

Religion is the practice of being faithful to what you love. In order to do this, you must decide what you love and do your best to live that love faithfully every day. Signs of Our Faith guides children to do their best to live faithful lives every day. It presents fourteen traits or values that most Unitarian Universalists love, including the quest for knowledge, reverence for life, supporting one another on our faith journeys, and public witness. Children examine how their lives do and can exhibit these traits and values, and come to understand that their faith is a living faith whose histories and teachings are fortifications for living faithfully in a complex world.

Grades 5-8: Junior High Youth Group – Riddle and Mystery

Riddle and Mystery assists youth in their search for understanding. Each session introduces and processes a Big Question. The first three echo Paul Gauguin’s famous triptych: Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? The next ten, including Does God exist? and What happens when you die?, could be found on almost anyone’s list of basic life inquiries. The final three are increasingly Unitarian Universalist: Can we ever solve life’s mystery? How can I know what to believe? What does Unitarian Universalism mean to me?
In addition to the Sunday morning curriculum, youth get together for once-a-month social activities (First Friday Fun Nights), join with other middle school youth for weekend conferences: Middle School Unitarian Universalist Gatherings MUUGS (Middle School UUs) and a junior high backpack trip in June.

Grades 9-12: Senior High Youth Group, Youth Room

The senior high youth group meets on Sundays from 11:30-12:30. The group offers its members a safe place to share their lives and find support and friendship among open-minded and loving peers. The group engages in discussions about issues relevant to youth’s lives and communities. They plan social and service projects throughout the year.

They also participate in youth conferences in area Unitarian Universalist churches under the auspices of the Pacific Central District of Unitarian Universalist Congregations and Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU). The youth group’s empowering philosophy educates youth to be leaders within the group, church community and denomination.
Youth Group Advisors: Rick Morris, Rev. Geoff Rimositis, Terra Wood-Taylor

Check out Rev. Geoff’s blog (link is below) on The Spiritual Journey of a Child through Our Faith Community and to see descriptions of our children and youth programs for 2012-13.

Please contact Rev. Geoff, GRimositis@gmail.com if you would like to learn more.

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  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., but closed at noon for an hour break.
  • Tuesday and Thursday: Closed
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